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Our Lady of Fatima

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2020-08-15: Beverley asks prayers for all her children, especially Kevin who is 57 today, 16th August. He needs healing for his health.

2020-08-15: Noeleen is asking prayers for her son Dylan, that he get a clearance offer into University and gets into his chosen course.

2020-08-15: Luisa asks prayers for her mom's health, that God heal her lungs, and that He blesses her with a good husband.

2020-08-14: Joana is thankful to God for all the great things He has done for her and her family. She wish to grow in His love and submit herself to His Will. May God protect her family, good health, understanding between her, her sons and husband.

2020-08-14: Gracie asks prayers for a life partner for her son because she does not want him to grow old alone.

2020-08-13: From Ronnie, asking prayers for the needs of different family members. living and deceased.

2020-08-13: From Michael, needs prayers for multiple intentions.

2020-08-12: From Oppong, God's protection to get closer to Him and help to succeed in life to protect his siblings.

2020-08-12: From Mumbi, prayers for the deliverance of his brothers Karuri, Wahome, Kogi & Kamau from alcoholism.

2020-08-12: From Manuela, prayers for healing and protection for his family, for the fast recovery of his colleague at work, there will be vaccine and his protection and for his family.

2020-08-12: From Giuseppe, could you please pray for a friend of mine's daughter and also the family?

2020-08-10: From Cheryl, pray for my Grandchildren, that they turn their hearts to Jesus and stay away from the addications of drugs, alcohol and sexual impurities of the flesh. And help for me to fast and grow in Holiness.

2020-08-09: From Rita, Please pray for the medical appointment I have on 21st at the National Institute of health concerning Hipetise B blood test and Ultrasound. May the results be negative.

2020-08-09: From Sumit, my father suddenly died. Please pray for my mother and I who are now alone. My life is in turmoil, divorce proceedings, job anxiety, an uncertain future. Please pray for us.

2020-08-08: From Helen, please pray for my brother Doug's surgery for his back & neck on the 17th of August, 2020. Since his car accident on June 5th, he’s been having severe pain in his back/neck and also numbness in his fingers, etc. I also pray for good hospital treatment and staff at all times.

2020-08-08: From Ma Imelda Buzon, prayers for (1) for the right employer, (2) for SMDC Board to grant my request for a refund, (3) for UERM Scholarship Committee to grant maximum financial assistance to my daughter, and (4) financial blessing.

2020-08-08: From Shirley, for Ananya's safe departure and landing in Germany via Dubai. May God's guide Ananya and lead him on the right path.

2020-08-07: Sarah is requesting prayers for Daniel, a carpenter, who had a serious accident. He is a wonderful, religious person who is in a coma and has had two spinal surgeries.

2020-08-07: Catherine seeks prayers for her sons, Kevin & Calvin. Also for hers and her husband's jobs. And for the souls of her parents and brother.

2020-08-07: Colleen needs prayers for her husband who is in a long term facility. Also for the financial needs of her family, to get out of debt. Finally to restore her home.

2020-08-07: Inemesit needs prayers for a job and a place to call home. May God also bless all his family members through their hard times.

2020-08-05: Let us pray for the safety of the rescue crews who are searching for buried victims of the Beirut explosion.

2020-08-05: Let us pray for the dedicated Doctors, nurses, aides, volunteers who are dealing with the Beirut explosion.

2020-08-05: Let us pray for the out of the country relatives of those who live in Beirut.

2020-08-05: Let us pray for the families of all the victims of the Beirut explosion.

2020-08-05: Let us pray for those who are missing as a result of the Beirut explosion.

2020-08-05: Let us pray for those who were injured in the Beirut explosion.

2020-07-05: Let us pray for those who lost family members in the Beirut explosion.

2020-08-05: Let us pray for the departed souls of the Beirut explosion.

2020-08-04: From Monica, special prayers for Michel and I, in 60's, that we accept God in our lives, be saved and be together in a better placea. Michel needs healing for serious health problems. Also prayers for our siblings, their families, friends Janine & Janet.

2020-08-04: From Jenni, Please pray for my daughter Lakisha, for safety on her job and in her personal life. That God will provide her with the right man for her and her kids versus picking jail house men. May she be open to accept God's choice for her.

2020-08-04: From Lucia, pray for my children especially my son, so they may be spared from a genetic disorder than runs in my family.

2020-08-03: From Toney, someone stole my business money. I asked that it be returned because I lost my business. Please pray that my money will be returned to me.

2020-08-03: From Linda, my husband Michael has a medical problem with his tongue. He will be seeing a specialist in a couple of weeks. Please pray for a hopeful outcome and that the tongue heals. Thank you dear Lord.

2020-08-03: From Josie, prayers that my son, Jerome, maintain his employment and his visa residency be approved.

2020-08-02: From Theresa, prayers for motivation in getting rid of clutter at home and at work and cleaning and organizing.

2020-08-01: Quennie needs prayers and a miraculous healing for her loves one who is spitting blood and always gets tired and sick.

2020-07-31: Dorothy, please pray for my son who is struggling to turn his life around. I long for his recovery so there will once more be a joyful unity between mother and son.

2020-07-31: Michael from Tamilnadu, India, presently residing in Dubai, UAE, please pray that I will soon receive my salary that has now been delayed by 2 months. I need Divine intervention.

2020-07-31: Sony, please pray that my daughter Henna will be blessed with a healthy baby soon. She experienced difficulties in her last pregnancy.

2020-07-30: Manju is requesting prayers that his paper (authored work) for his thesis will be published in the respective journals.

2020-07-29: Arnold needs prayers that the Lord will provide him with accommodation for him and his children. Thank you.

2020-07-29: Jennifer ask for prayers that her car have no mechanical problems, for the house air condition system to work properly, and that she will receive the money owed to her for clerical work done.

2020-07-29: Lakisha asks for prayers for safety on her job as a bus driver, for peace between her and her former co-worker and for peace of mind as she assesses her relationshp that went bad. Thank you father for the blessing you have granted to me and my family members .

2020-07-29: Stephen wants prayers to find a companion that will result in marriage. Thank you.

2020-07-29: Sanitha said she miscarried. Please pray for her and her husband to have a healthy child and for forgiveness of her sins.

2020-07-28: Auriel needs prayers in the areas of finance, family addiction, unity and conversion. Thank you. God bless.

2020-07-27: Tasha requesting prayers for prisoners in Charlotte Correctional Institution, located in Puenta Gorda, Florida, especially for Michael O.

2020-07-26: Joseph ask for prayers for a friend's daughter who is in bad relationship.

2020-07-26: Evelyn seeks prayers for the eternal repose of the soul of Lydia De Hitta.

2020-07-25: Alfred is asking prayers for the conversion of Eric, for his salvation, for the healing of his spirit, soul, and body. May he come to know the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

2020-07-25: Michael request prayers for a very good job, a very good salary and that his only son can continue his online studies.

2020-07-24: Prayers for Juliet to recover her stolen phones.

2020-07-24: Please pray for Denise to stay cancer free forever and to lose weight as needed.

2020-07-20: Rita request that you pray for the health and safety of every person on this earth.

2020-07-19: From Cathy, please pray that I find the wedding ring my husband gave me. We have been married 53 yeas and it has deep sentinel meaning to me. Thank you.

2020-07-19: From Deborah, please pray that I may have the strength to detach myself from sin and conquer my fear of truly giving myself to God. Thank you.

2020-07-18: Michael needs prayers for all his needs and intentions, good health, freedom from God given crosses, safety in his travel to Scotland for employment, for a good social surrounding, for self-confidence and for the gift of wisdom in decision making.

2020-07-18: Ms L. Bhoiase seeks prayers for Mary's protection of her family, her husband and children.

2020-07-17: From Surabhi, kindly pray for good memory power and concentration. And excel in the exams.

2020-07-15: Christeta sent the following, "Please pray for my unemployment compensation."

2020-07-14: Chris is asking for prayers for intentions that are not clearly specified. God knows his heart on the matter.

2020-07-12: Praveen requesting prayers to get a good job offer. Thanks.

2020-07-11: Ada request prayers for a successful relationship between D. & E. if it is in accordance with the Divine Will. Otherwise, may they each go their own way for their future happiness.

2020-07-10: Kris is asking prayers for a speedy restoration of a broken relationship.

2020-07-09: Need prayers to pass the Board exam for this coming September, 2020. Rencyl.

2020-07-08: From Patricia, prayers requested for her brother Richie. He has been battling cancer. He has an open wound on his neck that will not heal. Any prayers for him to be cancer free and this wound to be healed is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

2020-07-08: From Cheryl, in urgent need of prayers for assistance in directing one's finances towards the Divine Will of God.

2020-07-07: De Joselene, des prières pour les besoins de la famille. (From Joselene, prayers for the needs of the family.)

2020-07-07: Nhlanhla needs prayers for employment and career progression and marriage.

2020-07-07: Ma Imelda Buzon needs prayers for successful employemnt at Home Credit, that the SMDC Board and Senior Mgmt grant her request for a refund for the condo unit and for her daughter Glynis to be granted full scholarship for AY2020-2021 at UERM College of Medicine.

2020-07-06: Elizabeth seeks prayers for a happy marriage, harmony in the present work place and success in finding new employment according to the Will of God.

2020-07-05: Joseph needs prayers for chest pains, hopefully it has nothing to do with the heart. Thanks.

2020-07-05: Shelly asking prayers for her son who is struggling with severe depression, intense emotional pain and loneliness, and that their family will be reunited.

2020-07-04: Anne Marie is asking prayers for her 2 years old grandson Kylan who is suffering from a birth condition. On July 13th, he will be seen by his Pediatrician. Asking for prayers that will lead to answers for his permanent healing by the grace of God ad all the saints.

2020-07-04: Elvira is requesting prayers for her son Jeremiah to get a job that he will enjoy and be successful. Thank you so much.

2020-07-03: Dear Father, please pray for me, that I may be led to my God chosen matrimonial spouse. Thank you. Mr. Salvador Rebello.

2020-07-02: Please pray for my son Job and my husband and for my cargo which I sent in May last year, which has not arrived from Dubai. Thank you Lydia.

2020-07-01: De Ghy, veuillez prier pour ma famille, mes nouveaux nées, deux petites filles. Prière pour que mon mari qui est au chomage depuis 4 ans, qu'il trouve enfin un emploi. Que maman Marie, mère de jésus se souvienne de ma famille.

2020-07-01: From Helen, I pray for the recovery of my stolen money, that of my Dad and fiancee. I also pray that my plan to start a business will be fulfilled by a mirculous means. Please pray that the thief will return this money to me. Most lovely mother of Christ please intercede for us.

2020-06-30: I would like you to pray for a speedy recovery of my broken heart and that I would meet my husband soon. Thank you and may God bless you. Alison.

2020-06-30: With prayers and fasting my homosexual desires have lessened , thank you God. Please pray for me to be completely free from homosexuality and to develop normal desire towards women and to find my future wife. And for my sister to find a good husband. God bless . Gaby.

2020-06-29: Please pray for Joseph Martinho who is suffering from respiratory problems due to Machado's Joseph Disease and for all who suffer from this and respiratory disease. Thank You.

2020-06-29: From Anne Marie, 72 years old, she ask for prayers that God may end the negative influences in her life that are causing her a medical condition.

2020-06-29: From Deborah, please pray for my daughter to find decent employment. Covid-19 has had an impact on her life. I also ask for prayers for my children and their partners, that they may be blessed with the gift of faith in God. Their non-belief worries me a lot.

2020-06-28: From Chris, prayers for our daughter, to choose the best job offer for her talents. She is a recent graduate of the Physical Therapy School in Kansas City where she earned her Doctoral degree.

2020-06-28: From Patricia, a 2 year old baby girl, Oceana, fell and may have broke her nose. Her mother ask for prayers that her nose not be broken.

2020-06-28: From Ngwenya, that my husband succeed in his application for a supervisor post and for my application as an educator.

2020-06-28: From Elcyamma, kindly pray for my son Philip for his future, toget a suitable life partner and also for his healing.

2020-06-26: In summary, Appu, from India, wants prayers for the individual worldly and spiritual needs of his family and extended family, seeking blessings in all things according to the Divine Will. (The list is too long to mention on here.)

2020-06-26: Shaalani asks prayers for the family and spiritual individual needs of her husband and children.

2020-06-24: From Deirdre, a special intention to become friend with a certain person if it is Gods will. Thank you.

2020-06-21: Veronica, 35, would like to ask healing prayers of her brain and nervous system. Also, for God to heal her trauma and bring peace and happiness to her and her family. Thank you.

2020-06-20: From Deepa, please pray for my mother, Teresa, to be cured of all her physical ailments, for her health and long life.

2020-06-17: Nebu has been struggling to find a job since 1 year. Please pray for his need.

2020-06-17: Fredrick asking for prayers for his nephew who passed away today, for the repose of the soul of Lennox Olocho.

2020-06-17: Gaby request prayers to be free completely from homosexuality and to develop normal desire towards women and to find a future wife. And prayers for his sister to find a good husband.

2020-06-15: Kindly remember me in prayer. I am asking God to guide me on my vocation journey. Fredrick.

2020-06-15: Please pray for my son to get off of drugs and do good. Linda.

2020-06-15: Please pray for my son to get this job promotion that he put in for. He's so deserving of this promotion. He's such a kind hearted soul. Linda.

2020-06-13: Please pray for my 3 children: Bromley, Emma and Rebekah. Also for harmony among the members of the family. Thank you. Mary.

2020-06-10: Samuel lost some money to fraudsters through his bank. He submitted all legal documents needed to reverse the funds but the bank seems to be doing nothing about it. Please pray that he will soon have his money returned to him.

2020-06-08: Phillip needs prayers for the protection of his brother Nathan who moved to another State (USA) and is around a lot of mean people. He needs strength to overcome his environment. Thank you.

2020-06-06: Mary ask for prayers for all her intentions that were submitted on her large list of needs in every imaginable categories, worldly, family, spiritual, etc... (Too long to list here.)

2020-06-05: Claret seeks prayers for her bladder surgery that will be done on 06-06-2020. May the Lord enlighten all those involved in the process for a smooth surgery and quick recovery. Also, please pray for her family.

2020-05-31: Gary requesting prayers for his many personal needs, family, health, bereavement, employment, finances, that the Holy Spirit guide him towards a solution to it all.

2020-05-28: Patricia needs prayers for all her sports injuries, headaches, aches & pains, hiatus hernia and breathing problems, indigestion and food difficulties. Also for her father Vincent who has dementia and injuries. May God bless you all.

2020-05-28: Please pray for me as I struggle to make a big decision in my life. Thank you. Stacie.

2020-05-27: Please pray for Saby to get a job and a house so he can bring his wife and family over from Goa, India. Martha.

2020-05-24: Latrice needs prayers for the recovery of losts things, and that the Bank locate the payment made by Nissan Motor Corp and apply it correctly to his account so he can pay off his car.

2020-05-23: Elvira needs prayers to heal her son of drug addiction so he can go back to his family. Also prayers for harmony in the home. Finally for her other son and daughter to receive the sacrament of marriage.

2020-05-22: Juan request prayers for him and his wife to be in good health, and for the healing of a puppy's vision.

2020-05-21: Please pray for the victim of India and Bangladesh's Cyclone.

2020-05-20: Luviminda ask for prayers for her husband Mark for healing and recovery from his second stroke that has partially paralyzed him.

2020-05-19: Let us pray that the Bishops will begin to reopen our Churches so we may worship the Lord Jesus in His house. Diane.

2020-05-18: Please pray for the souls of all the priests and religious who gave their lives at the service of those who were inflicted with the Coronavirus. Joseph.

2020-05-17: Please pray for the souls of all the Doctors, nurses and other dedicated persons in the medical field who gave their lives at the service of those who were inflicted with the Coronavirus. May the Lord Jesus welcome them home. Joseph.

2020-05-16: Frank asks prayers for the children who have fallen ill of a mysterious disease that is believed to be associated with the Coronavirus.

2020-05-15: Your prayers please for a cure to the Coronavirus. This will be more beneficial than a vaccine that usually has many fatal side effects. Bob.

2020-05-14: Please pray that I may be blessed with a new job and a good wife. Georges, age 50.

2020-05-14: From Marita, please pray for my loved ones who are not saved because of unbelief.

2020-05-13: Mary wants prayers regarding her personal responsibility related to her property and for improvement in her social media involvement.

2020-05-13: Favia ask prayers for his marriage, for good employment, successful studies, family protection against the Coronavirus and for financial relief.

2020-05-12: Cheryl, 62, from South Africa, wants prayers so she will be blessed with employment and accommodation. She presently lives with relatives who have opened their small home to her.

2020-05-12: Donna request prayers for herself and her relatives who are inflicted with cancer, a recent separation, end stage COPD, kidney disease and other health issues.

2020-05-08: Prayers for my dad's physical needs, my sisters and brother grieving our mother, my personal intentions, and to end the pain in my left ribcage. Thank you. Patricia.

2020-05-08: Prayers for God's healing in my life, to help me find my lost phone and to get a job. Arinze.

2020-05-07: Cassandra request prayers for her daughter who is depressed, that the Lord Jesus may guide her out of her so there will be a total change in her life.

2020-05-07: Kayhy request prayers for all her personal and family related intentions that are known to our Lord Jesus.

2020-05-07: Lilia requesting prayers for her husband Adonis and also for David.

2020-05-06: Jared requests prayers for an end to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020-05-06: Rupanjali wants prayers to recover his lost matric admit card. And also for his money stolen one year ago be returned to him.

2020-05-06: Nalini seeks prayers to be favourably relieved of her present pressing need.

2020-05-06: May the Governments change the evil laws that offend God, such as abortion, same sex marriage, homosexual rights, euthanasia, etc... so God will end the Coronavirus punishment inflicted upon mankind. Joseph

2020-05-06: May the Catholic Church change its evil teachings that offend God in support of homosexuality, birth control, Communion in the hand while living common-law, idolatry in the Church, clergy sex abuse, etc... so God will end the Coronavirus punishment inflicted upon mankind. Joseph

2020-05-05: Please, urgent prayers for my mother Gracy whos in ITU. Shes had a stroke and her lung is clogged up shes on ventilator. Jess. May Almighty God grant her healing and restore her to good health.

2020-05-04: From Fredrick, please pray for my brother Benard and his family. He is very sick with throat cancer. Tomorow he is going to the hospital. Thank you.

2020-05-03: Raman asks for prayers for an improvement in the work environment that is affecting his mental peace and home atmosphere. He wants prayers for protection against all evils.

2020-05-03: Mary seeks prayers for her daughter to conceive a child, but may God's will be done. Thank you.

2020-04-30: From Beth, pray for my family to know God & for My son to get a job.

2020-04-30: Peter prays for the grace to humbly and faithfully always do God's Will regarding marriage and family, over and above enjoying a fruitful employment.

2020-04-29: Kouakou, asks "La gu�rison physique et spirituelle et la gr�ce de l'enfantement par l'intercession de la Vierge Marie." (Physical and spiritual healing and the grace of childbirth through the intercession of the Virgin Mary.)

2020-04-28: Joanne wants prayers for her son to find a female companion that God has chosen for him.

2020-04-28: Violeta needs prayers for security in my present employment, successful search of new employment near a Church, and improvement in the present work environment.

2020-04-27: Kelvin humbly seeks prayers to be healed and delivered from diabolical oppression.

2020-04-27: Sheila asks prayers that the City of Jerusalem would be a blessing for all.

2020-04-26: Please pray for my family's financial difficulties and homelessness. Jacinta.

2020-04-24: Thanking God for all His blessings, prayers for an end to the Coronavirus, for Divine guidance regarding my life calling and for departed souls in Purgatory. Fredrick.

2020-04-23: Prayers for my son's job, my daughter's Crohn disease, a successful home inspection. Diana.

2020-04-23: Joel request prayers that his stolen bike be returned to him.

2020-04-21: For the safe delivery of the babies of my daughter, the safe arrival of her husband and brother-in-law, for financial assistance and for their continued employments after the Coronavirus.

2020-04-20: That Mary through Christ, restore love and peace in the hearts of Phillip and Madeline.

2020-04-19: Digna requested prayers for his 24 intentions that are too long to list here.

2020-04-18: Nikki, please pray that my throat will be healed, or that I find the right Drs. for treatment. Thank you.

2020-04-16: Jacob ask prayers for his son to improve his social and life skills so he will make friends that will appreciate his uniqueness. Lord Jesus I submit my son in thy hands. Mother Mary please pray for us.

2020-04-14: Anonymous (no first name) from India requesting prayers for the repose of the soul of her mother who passed away yesterday.

2020-04-14: Nnenna asks prayers for the spiritual needs of Kevin.

2020-04-13: Margaret request prayers for her cousin and her neice to find a husband, for another cousin to be blessed with proper housing in Lucan Dublin Ireland, and for improvement in the medical condition of her cousin Lisa.

2020-04-13: Marie-Ange ask prayers to God who she loves so much for family protection during the pandemic.

2020-04-11: Dympna request prayers for strength in keeping her chastity.

2020-04-09: Leona request heavenly protection for her family against evil neighbours who wish them harm.

2020-04-08: Prayers for Kiana regarding health related issues, financial needs, love, happiness, and improvement in social relationships.

2020-04-08: Beatrice asks for God's protections for her and her husband, that they may complete all what they have started.

2020-04-08: Nsubuga seek prayers for an end to his mother's drinking addiction, for a job that will help pay for his education to obtain a degree. And asking God's forgiveness, to end the Coronavirus.

2020-04-08: Jasmine needs prayers for improvement in her office work atmosphere, ending all negativism.

2020-04-07: Anshu ask for prayers so his wife Assumpta will conceive a child. Please pray that the medical complications may be overcomed so they may be blessed with a child.

2020-04-06: Ann request prayers to end the spread of the Coronavirus.

2020-04-05: Edward seeks prayers for his personal needs, spiritual growth, for his wife to get a job, for protection of his job and health of his family.

2020-04-03: From Michael in India, prayers for his eye operation, for financial blessings to pay bills, the education of his son, to assist his parents, to buy a business and to save for other future needs.

2020-04-03: Ifunanya request prayers for fruitfulness. Seeking the intercession of Saint Gerald and Our Lady of Fatima that she may successfully carry her twin girls.

2020-03-31: Maria requests prayers for her maid and her maid's mother, that she be free of any terminal disease so they will enjoy good health and continue to work for her for a long time.

2020-03-28: Gary request, "A prayer to help me with my loss and I can have female woman whom I can give both love and respect for good company."

2020-03-26: Cletus ask prayers for a good job, financial breakthrough, to be a financial Pillar in the House of God and helper of destiny to the poor and needy.

2020-03-25: Ramonetta request prayers for all members of the family, parents and children, for protection from evil people, danger and accidents.

2020-03-22: Helena seeks prayers for all her intentions on her long list that God knows what it contains.

2020-03-22: From Francis, may Our Lady of Fatima intercede on our behalf for an end to the Coronavirus, that the world, including myself, will learn the lesson that God will no longer be mocked. Protect my family, our communities and countries. Let it be shown that the hand of God is at work.

2020-03-21: Requests from Joseph for personal needs and worldly concerns of different kinds.

2020-03-20: Mrs.Abraham request prayers for her mom, Mrs. Mathew, to be healed completely from her respiratory illness. Thank you!

2020-03-18: Please pray for the complete healing of Debbie Davidovich. And offer her sufferings to Our Lord.

2020-03-18: Please pray for the daughter (Kira) of Debbie and her son who are now living with her due to a break-up in a relationship. She is in financial need and lonely. Should one pray that Kira and Dustin get back together, get married, of find someone who is Catholic? May God's Will be done.

2020-03-17: Boniface seek prayers to marry Njoki, to overcome the obstacles.

2020-03-17: I am in quarantine in a state of mortal sin and am having a crisis of faith. Please pray for me to soon be able to go to confession, find Jesus again, and see my grandparents, and please pray for one of my close friends, who I hope sees the light in Jesus Christ. Carys.

2020-03-17: Tabitha ask for prayers for all her father's medical needs, improved life and conversion to Christianity, also for her mother's health and other needs.

2020-03-16: From Zep, please pray for Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Teresa, Clemen, Pancho and Moises.

2020-03-16: Paul seeks prayers for family members, a legal matter, for fruitful employment, blessings upon his daughters, good health, financial security, and success in his career.

2020-03-16: Jacqueline seeks prayers that she and her boyfriend will forgive each other and get back together, be it God's Will, and that they both move closer to God.

2020-03-13: Krishna, from India, seeks the intercession of Our heavenly Mother to study well for her medical entrance examination on May 3rd and to get a government MBBS seat.

2020-03-11: Brian seeks the healing of his spine and an end to the pains in his ribs and shoulder blades.

2020-03-10: Bonnie, prayers for the conversion of her children and their families, obedience to and perfect love to God for herself, favorable outcome for her son's legal matters tomorrow.

2020-03-10: Jacinta, please pray for my family's financial difficulties, employment, and homelessness.

2020-03-09: From Diane, for the Holy Spirit to transform my life. I want to Love God and my husband more, also I need help forgiving those who have hurt me.

2020-03-07: For all those who are experiencing a lockdown due to the Coronavirus. May the Lord bless them with the strength they need during these days. Joseph.

2020-03-06: Jim, for the Catholics in Italy who are being denied access to the Holy Mass and the Sacraments, that the Spirit of Christ may sustain their spiritual lives.

2020-03-05: Someone stole my car in the parking area. I hope the thief will not damage it and return it back to me in good condition. I have no money and need it to go to work. Julio.

2020-03-05: Pray for a successful prostate enlargement and spine surgery in India and for journey mercies through and fro through Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Peter.

2020-03-04: Cathy ask to please pray for her daughter, Marianna, and her medical job, that all goes well and all the patients be well.

2020-03-03: Helena ask prayers to become pregnant with a healthy baby. Also for her sister to have a healthy baby. Also prayers for her brother to beat cancer and have strength through chemo.

2020-03-01: Alfred, asking prayers for Eric's conversion and salvation, that he have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ as his Saviour, his Redeemer and his Lord and God!!!!

2020-03-01: Agnes, asking prayers for her son who is separated, that he may have access to his children, and that God may bless him with a life time woman according to the Divine Will for marriage.

2020-02-29: Okafor, asking God for Divine liberation on my family, good health and mind, also for my exams that God should grant me success and retentive memory.

2020-02-29: Sue, for healing from Multiple Myleloma. Also for severe back pain, anxiety and depression.

2020-02-29: Jillian, to be blessed with enough money to buy a house.

2020-02-29: Magdalis, for financial peace, freedom and find a place to called home. Also to find a job or success in business.

2020-02-29: Angela, to find my lost dog.

2020-02-27: Prayers for Catherine to be granted her Student Visa and Immigration entry. And for an end to the Coronavirus.

2020-02-27: Emmanuel seeks prayers for empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

2020-02-25: Heena request prayers for peace in the family, good health of every member, prosperity in work, strength to stand again and carry our cross of life.

2020-02-23: Melissa, please pray for my medical needs and an increase in faith. Thank you.

2020-02-23: Michael asked for prayers for his homeless friend Fahd who has no income, that God direct and protect him in his physical and spiritual needs.

2020-02-22: Amanda request prayers for departed and living family members, for her future, for the sick and the dying.

2020-02-18: Paschal asks prayers for freedom from lawsuit, recovery of health, financial needs, family necessities, protection, guidance & education of her grandson and her other children.

2020-02-18: Samantha needs prayers for her 22 years old son Joseph who is struggling with addictions because he finds no purpose in life. May Jesus touch his heart.

2020-02-17: Cathy request prayers for her long list of personal, family and universal intentions. God knows what all those needs are.

2020-02-14: Neil request prayers for a job and healing of multiple health conditions.

2020-02-14: Neil request prayers for the healing of his brother Senen's fracture foot.

2020-02-13: Deirdre ask to pray for Rowen that he will seek and find the help he needs to free himself from his addictions.

2020-02-10: Richard ask for prayers for a seminarian friend in Kenya who recenetly lost his sister-in-law and four nephews.

2020-02-10: Rita request healing prayers from Jesus against infection, disease and/or sickness troubling her family members.

2020-02-08: Sana asking prayers for Zeeshan's successful eye operation.

2020-02-06: Prayers for Eulalia for healing from depression and loneliness.

2020-02-06: Prayers for daughter Abigail to secure a scholarship, meet good Catholic friends and not feel lonely while studying in Australia. And she find a good job while studying.

2020-02-06: Prayers for husband Ajay to return to the Catholic faith and go to Church.

2020-02-06: Please pray for Joseph to be able to sleep and for a successful surgery of blocked major arteries goign to the brain.

2020-02-06: From Gerard, for the speedy and complete healing of his medical conditions.

2020-02-06: From Gerard, for his mother and great-grandmother Angela, 79 the return to the faith.

2020-02-06: From Gerard, for the needs of his psychiatric nurse friend, Avril, 51.

2020-02-05: Anne asked to "please pray for my son Mario who has lost his faith so that he will regain it and follow Christ.

2020-02-04: Mrs Gama, please pray for the recovery of my brother-in-law who is in hospice care at the hospital. Thank You kindly.

2020-02-04: Ajay request prayers for personal health need. Amen!

2020-02-03: Racine asked, pray for the pfab family.thank you!

2020-02-01: Constance asked for prayers for her husband Thomas, that he be healed of all blood clots, and broken ribs causing a problem of severe pain.

2020-02-01: Patsy seeks prayers to find her two missing rings.

2020-01-31: Lorena as prayers for her son Christopher, that the Lord may guide him & help him to be free of anger.

2020-01-30: Deirdre seeking God's blessings for his son to free him from his addictions. And for Jesus to bless him with a return to his Church and faith.

2020-01-28: Prayers for all the intentions received from Rob, too long to be listed here. God knows them!

2020-01-27: Ger asking that her family please be blessed soon.

2020-01-25: Angela asked for prayers for a family legal matter with children involved. So very thankful.

2020-01-25: Albert request prayers to recover his lost wallet that contained all his identification papers, medicare card, debit card and some cash. 2020-01-07: Wallet was found

2020-01-24: Carolyn request prayers for Grandmom, parents, husband Ben�s souls.

2020-01-23: From Les & Margaret, prayers for family health, especially for our 2 sons and for me (Les) to get a job. Thank you very much and God bless you all.

2020-01-23: From Anna Marie, please keep my husband Philip, family, friends and I in your prayers.

2020-01-23: From Yunice, salvation to the soul of my prodigal husband Mauro. May he be filled with godly sorrow and repent. May the Lord forgive his sins and save him from fire of hell.

2020-01-22: From Mpho, to conceive a healthy son and for her husband to stop cheating.

2020-01-21: From Peter, for his wife to conceive.

2020-01-20: Damith asking to pray for Sophie for a complete conversion in her life as she finds Gods love.

2020-01-15: Malou asking for prayers so her ex-boyfriend will consider getting back together if it is according to God's Divine Will.

2020-01-14: Rose from Kuwait, asking for prayers regarding a legal matter taking place on January 28. Amen.

2020-01-13: Sabrina request prayers for a husband, a healthy child, for strength, courage, humility and kindness to help her look after her aging mother and humour to help her see the beauty and fun in life.

2020-01-09: Vincent as for prayers for a dear friend Krista to be healed of various cists in her body that require surgery. Also for the conversion of Graham, Brian, Christine, Angus, and Robin (all Scots).

2020-01-09: Elsa's daughter has been vomiting for 9 days. They have been to the ER 4 times and went to two doctors and she still throws up. Please pray for Alexandra.

2020-01-09: Holy Nazarene pls pray for us. Cover Lani's family with Your Precious Blood. Lord, please protect us and give us the favor and breakthroughs. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen.

2020-01-08: From Yolanda, please pray for my son and daughter, grandchildren & my health.

2020-01-07: From Felicia, please pray for my father who is in pain due to kidney stones. No money available for surgery. Please God take away his pain & bring back good health with no further complications. God and Mother Mary are my only hope.

2020-01-07: Sana asked, please pray for my fiance who had an accident. He has breathing and heart problems. Also pray for his business. Thank you.

2020-01-06: Michael 32 conversion/healing, Aaron 23 conversion/healing, Myself (Sarah)35 healing physical, Miriam 55 healing, katarina 4 protection.

2020-01-05: Please remember Chuck S. and his family and friends.

2020-01-05: From Maria, "Blessed Father, I beg You to heal my body from its infirmities. Please stop the hemorging, the addictions to sugar and bread, heal my liver. Please I beg you. I'm bleeding out, help me."

2020-01-04: Ronald ask for prayers so the results of the January 13 MRI will reflect a normal pancreas so no other tests will be required. He places his trust in Jesus through the intercession of Mary. Thank you everyone.

2020-01-04: Leo need prayers to get rid of negativity for good cause.

2020-01-03: Morewa asking God's protection and wisdom to make perfect decisions in life. Praying for academic excellence and resolution of all social conflicts being experienced.

2019-12-31: Quincy is asking Jesus to bless her with the loving and caring husband that the Lord has chosen for her before she was born so that both may enjoy spiritual growth in their marriage.

2019-12-31: May Our Lord Jesus bless me, Kanagaratnam, with a wonderful life, good health and financial security.

2019-12-30: Requesting prayers that my bread winning customer cargo, lost in Germany, be recovered.

2019-12-28: For my eldest daughter. May the holy spirit help her find her way and show her what she has to do with her life.

2019-12-28: From Josephine, may the Holy Spirit fill my life with love and forgiveness.

2019-12-27: Harold is requesting prayers for the Foppiano family living and deceased. Thank you.

2019-12-26: From Bernadette, for multiple personal intentions related to faith, peace, happiness, health and spiritual needs.

2019-12-14: From Sharon, my mother's recovery from her stroke and financial prosperity in this time of need.

2019-11-28: Matthew request prayers not to lose his family.

2019-11-15: Leah, age 60, is requesting prayers for an improved relationship with her nieces.

2019-11-04: Mary is asking for prayers for her son to return to the Church.

2019-11-02: Prayer for my mother Felicidad, healing of heart disease & body ailments. Thank you.

2019-10-07: Please, pray for Sonia, 39, for physical and inner healing. Thank you.

2019-10-03: Prayers for Jack, age 6, just admitted for emergency surgery for multiple needs.

2019-09-22: Pray for the long list of personal intentions of Martin from North Ireland.

2019-09-15: Julian is requesting prayers for his special intentions that are a mile long.

2019-09-12: Jacintha asking for a miracle for her family's financial difficulties and homelessness.

2019-09-15: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Maurice who suddenly left this world.

2019-09-08: Please pray for Mary B, 28 years old, who is in need of inner healing and deliverance.

2019-08-29: Please pray for the healing of my father Darlan who is depressed.

2019-08-28: Prayers for a teenage girl with emotional problems and for those who support her in her environment.

2019-08-27: Please pray for Baby Ella, a newborn who is in critical condition. Thank you.

2019-08-22: Pray for the Holy Catholic Church to keep out the influences of Satan.

2019-08-15: For the children of Margaret and Arthur, that they may practice their Catholic faith.

2019-08-15: For the souls fo Margaret and Arthur and the children that passed away.

2019-08-14: For Joe, retired, to find spiritual work to keep him busy.

2019-08-14: For the Pope, that he may be moved by the Holy Spirit to shepherd the Holy Catholic Church according to the Divine Will.

2019-08-09: Jean-Marie, 60's, Our Lady of Good Success, obtain for me and my mother a place to live and enjoy a spiritual life.

2019-08-08: Prayers please for the soul of Xavier, 18, who committed suicide.

2019-08-06: Please pray for Chaslyn, age 59, who has 2 young children, for the healing of her ailments addictions and make her whole. Thank you for your intercession.

2019-08-04: Peter, age 59, has right hip and knee pain. Needs hip replacement. But has to work. In Jesus Name. Thank You.

2019-08-03: Pray for Joseph David, 68, to heal his mobility and speech problems associated with a stroke.

2019-08-03: Pray for Samuel, 2 months old, who is n need of a healing hole in his heart and the esophagus attached to the belly.

2019-08-02: For the soul of Roger who suddenly passed away.

2019-08-01: Please pray for Honorary Texas Ranger Officer Amigail Arias, age 7, lung cancer.

2019-07-30: Prayers for the repose of the soul of Lise.

2019-07-30: Pray for the healing of Joe's stomach problems.

2019-07-29: From no name... Please protect my whole family from all harm dangers evil sin. especially from the earthquakes right now. Thank you Mother.

2019-07-28: Por Romualdo Restrepo salud f�sica y y espiritual. Cirug�a de c�ncer en la boca. (For Romualdo Restrepo physical and spiritual health. Mouth cancer surgery.)

2019-07-28: For Noah, 11, diabetes.

2019-07-27: For my husband Mr Magesa Bitta Rusweka to get another job in Dar es salaam.

2019-07-27: Joseph, senior, find subsidized housing.

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