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The Saskatoon Pilgrim Virgin Our Lady of Fatima

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The following brothers and sisters of the Body of Christ are in need of prayers for their spiritual and/or worldly needs. In the love of Jesus and Mary, kindly include them in your daily prayers.

2021-09-25: Angela.

2021-09-24: Salath.

2021-09-23: Jennifer.

2021-09-23: Hima.

2021-09-22: Jacques.

2021-09-21: Benjamin.

2021-09-20: Angelique.

2021-09-19: Debbie.

2021-09-18: Darryl.

2021-09-17: Franklin.

2021-09-16: Angela.

2021-09-15: Ronnie.

2021-09-14: Jaugeur.

2021-09-14: Mary.

2021-09-13: Theresa.

2021-09-12: Jennifer.

2021-09-11: Colette.

2021-09-10: Suzy.

2021-09-09: Pamela.

2021-09-09: Teresa.

2021-09-08: Anon.

2021-09-07: Rachel.

2021-09-06: Michael.

2021-09-05: Roni.

2021-09-05: Huguette.

2021-09-05: Nicole.

2021-09-04: Debra.

2021-09-04: Reta.

2021-09-03: Trevor.

2021-09-02: Maurice.

2021-09-01: Ciana.

2021-08-31: Kabagenyi.

2021-08-31: Donna.

2021-08-30: Henry.

2021-08-29: Darlene.

2021-08-28: Angelli.

2021-08-28: Shehla.

2021-08-27: Joshua.

2021-08-26: Anthony.

2021-08-25: Maria.

2021-08-24: Maribec.

2021-08-23: Samantha.

2021-08-22: Donna.

2021-08-21: Petronila.

2021-08-20: Hai.

2021-08-19: Daniel.

2021-08-18: Josephine.

2021-08-17: Frances.

2021-08-17: Brad.

2021-08-17: Edwin.

2021-08-16: Cardinal Burke.

2021-08-15: Wesley.

2021-08-14: Denise.

2021-08-14: Laura.

2021-08-13: Alex.

2021-08-11: Anthony.

2021-08-11: Sammy.

2021-08-10: Brian.

2021-08-09: Neha.

2020-08-09: Karen.

2021-08-09: Judy.

2021-08-08: Noah.

2021-08-08: Carl.

2021-08-08: Sean.

2021-08-07: Anton.

2021-08-07: Anne.

2021-08-07: Ebhodaghe.

2021-08-06: Jery.

2021-08-05: Josephine.

2021-08-05: Shonet.

2021-08-03: Eileen.

2021-08-02: Margaret.

2021-08-01: Daniel.

2021-07-31: Olga.

2021-07-31: Joseph.

2021-07-31: Reta.

2021-07-30: Burnell.

2021-07-30: Tom.

2021-07-29: Francis.

2021-07-29: Henrietta.

2021-07-28: Lily.

2021-07-27: Abraham.

2021-07-27: Charles.

2021-07-26: Norma.

2021-07-25: Favia.

2021-07-24: Sean.

2021-07-24: Samantha.

2021-07-23: Ernie.

2021-07-22: Maria.

2021-07-22: Noah.

2021-07-21: Bernard.

2021-07-21: Brian.

2021-07-21: Norbert.

2021-07-21: Mary.

2021-07-20: Raji.

2021-07-19: Mary Beth.

2021-07-18: Donnie.

2021-07-17: Sherly.

2021-07-17: Mike.

2021-07-16: Tabitha.

2021-07-16: Biswajit.

2021-07-16: Art.

2021-07-16: Marguerite.

2021-07-15: Jeanette.

2021-07-15: Lilianne.

2021-07-14: Nicole.

2021-07-14: Sandra.

2021-07-13: Njabanou.

2021-07-13: Margaret.

2021-07-12: Amare.

2021-07-11: Venicia.

2021-07-11: Alfred.

2021-07-10: Yolanda.

2021-07-10: Dan.

2021-07-09: Moses.

2021-07-08: Zep.

2021-07-08: Sebastian.

2021-07-07: Anu.

2021-07-07: Deepa.

2021-07-06: Kelly.

2021-07-06: Terrel.

2021-07-05: Kathy.

2021-07-05: Agnes.

2021-07-04: Gillian.

2021-07-03: Teresa.

2021-07-02: John.

2021-07-01: Dolores.

2021-06-30: Jacinta.

2021-06-29: Ria.

2021-06-29: Laura.

2021-06-28: Maria.

2021-06-28: Clara.

2021-06-28: Anne.

2021-06-27: Brian.

2021-06-26: Andrew.

2021-06-25: Nathan.

2021-06-24: Jessica.

2021-06-24: Jennifer.

2021-06-23: Patricia Marie.

2021-06-23: Anders.

2021-06-23: Wendi.

2021-06-22: Billy.

2021-06-22: Luv.

2021-06-21: Ronnie.

2021-06-21: Rosemary.

2021-06-20: Estrella.

2021-06-19: Sid.

2021-06-19: Hilaria Jr.

2021-06-18: Paula.

2021-06-18: Anne.

2021-06-17: Alfred.

2021-06-16: Katlin.

2021-06-16: Nathalie.

2021-06-16: Jennifer.

2021-06-16: Inacio.

2021-06-15: Maureen.

2021-06-15: Melania.

2021-06-15: Christopher.

2021-06-14: Geraldine.

2021-06-13: Bertie.

2021-06-12: Letty.

2021-06-12: Nebu.

2021-06-11: Jenny.

2021-06-11: Catherine.

2021-06-11: Sujatha.

2021-06-10: Frank.

2021-06-09: Collette.

2021-06-08: Simon.

2021-06-07: Estella.

2021-06-07: Bibian.

2021-06-06: Henry.

2021-06-05: Joseph.

2021-06-04: Mary Beth.

2021-06-04: Maria.

2021-06-04: Mary.

2021-06-03: Lisa.

2021-06-03: Margaret.

2021-06-02: Patricia.

2021-06-02: Liliane.

2021-06-01: Jeannette.

2021-06-01: Jacqueline.

2021-06-01: Brenda.

2021-05-31: Betty.

2021-05-30: Rita.

2021-05-29: Robert.

2021-05-28: Charles.

2021-05-27: Kuis Alfonso.

2021-05-26: Lordgena.

2021-05-26: Patricia Marie.

2021-05-25: Jean.

2021-05-24: Ronnie.

2021-05-24: Josephine.

2021-05-23: David.

2021-05-22: Mary.

2021-05-21: Alex.

2021-05-21: Penny.

2021-05-20: Joanne.

2021-05-19: Jack.

2021-05-19: Sandy.

2021-05-18: Rose.

2021-05-17: Margaret.

2020-05-17: Kelly.

2021-05-16: Ciaran.

2021-05-15: Ninshaba.

2021-05-14: Raji.

2021-05-14: Laurie.

2021-05-14: Daniel.

2021-05-13: Ann.

2021-05-13: Kariyawasam.

2021-05-13: Antonette.

2021-05-12: Deirdre.

2021-05-11: Imelda.

2021-05-11: Maureen.

2021-05-10: Fabiola.

2021-05-10: Trudy.

2021-05-09: Joseph.

2021-05-09: Hank.

2021-05-08: Lenore.

2021-05-08: Mary.

2021-05-07: Paul.

2021-05-07: Ruth.

2021-05-06: Diane.

2021-05-05: Monica.

2021-05-04: Murphy.

2021-05-04: Zarina.

2021-05-03: Andy.

2021-05-02: Protas.

2021-05-02: Christopher.

2021-05-01: Maria.

2021-04-30: Estrella.

2021-04-30: Ramon.

2021-04-30: Starr.

2021-04-30: Bernadette.

2021-04-30: Seby.

2021-04-29: Rodney.

2021-04-28: Danielle.

2021-04-27: Ronald.

2021-04-26: Susan.

2021-04-25: Veronica.

2021-04-24: Louis.

2021-04-23: Alfred.

2021-04-23: Zep.

2021-04-22: Gerardo.

2021-04-22: Melania.

2021-04-21: Andrew.

2021-04-20: Brenda.

2021-04-19: Sam.

2021-04-19: Lilianne.

2021-04-18: Marguerite.

2021-04-17: Arthur.

2021-04-16: Emmanuel.

2021-04-15: Rutendo.

2021-04-15: Arthur.

2021-04-14: Maurice.

2021-04-14: Joseph.

2021-04-14: Franklin.

2021-04-13: Lily.

2021-04-12: Martine.

2021-04-11: Delores.

2021-04-11: Mabel.

2021-04-10: Elaine.

2021-04-09: Ibekwe.

2021-04-08: Lavina.

2021-04-06: Ndzeyonlema.

2021-04-06: Francis.

2021-04-03: Dorothy.

2021-04-03: Assumpta.

2021-04-01: Eileen.

2021-04-01: Maria.

2021-03-31: Annmarie.

2021-03-28: Lina.

2021-03-28: Margaret.

2021-03-28: Phillip.

2021-03-27: Natalie.

2021-03-27: Nicola.

2021-03-25: Lorraine.

2021-03-23: Jennifer.

2021-03-23: Theodorico.

2021-03-22: Beatrice.

2021-03-22: Gerry.

2021-03-21: Suzanne.

2021-03-21: Robert.

2021-03-21: Helen.

2021-03-21: Noah.

2021-03-21: Jonn.

2021-03-21: Kanaka.

2021-03-20: Agnaldo.

2021-03-20: Nora.

2021-03-19: Dolores.

2021-03-19: Rebecca.

2021-03-18: Robert.

2021-03-17: From Jenny, "Watch over both of my children Demetrius and Lakisha who are trying to purchase a first time home. Guide them to the homes that they should buy to maintain quality living and to be in a peaceful area."

2021-03-17: From Edward in Dubai, requesting prayers for his personal intentions that are too long to list on here.

2021-03-17: From Rochelle, prayers for spiritual enlightenment regarding her future.

2021-03-16: From Laurie, requesting prayers for the Lord's peace and harmony to rule in the three generations of my family so we may be "whole" again.

2021-03-12: From Emilie, "Please pray that I will pass the United States Medical Licensure Examination that I am to take between the month of April to June 2021."

2021-03-11: From Boniya, "Please pray for the healing of a lump under my armpit."

2021-03-10: From Joseph, "Prayers for my son Stephen who has depression. He has not worked for awhile. Pray for him to find a job."

2021-03-10: From Nicola, "Please pray for healing of my ears and for the ringing in my ears to stop. Also please pray for my daughter Mia who is non verbal."

2021-03-10: From Megan, "Megan, 30 years old, in need of a job."

2021-03-10: From Johana, "Pray for the conversion of my husband E.N."

2021-03-09: From Jean, prayers for all her intentions... too long to list on here.

2021-03-09: From Susan, "Please pray for my sister Miriam Kearneys health and her 2 daughters my nieces Abigail and her life, health, job,successful marriage my niece Tamara to get a suitable spouse. Also for my Brother-in-law Darryl's soul to rest in peace."

2021-03-08: From Dennis, age 43, for a change in the heart of my wife so there may be harmony in our marriage. May the Lord Jesus provide all of our needs. And prayers for myself. I am presently overseas in school. I am in need of happiness and financial blessings.

2021-03-08: From Judith, "For the safe and sound delivery of my baby (mother and baby alive). For long life to care for my children."

2021-03-08: From Kathleen, "Pray that my son obtain wisdom concerning his spirituality (return to the Catholic church), his upcoming decisions to move or to continue to the finish his final year of education and accepting responsibility."

2021-03-07: From Bonita, requesting prayers for "Good health of mind, body, spirit, soul and heart."

2021-03-06: From Mary, please pray for the healing of family members, Patrick and Sean, who are hurting the family environment by their division.

2021-03-06: From Rochelle, please pray for my successful passing of the PTE Academic exams on March 8th at 2:00 PM.

2021-03-05: From Sylvia, "Success in forth coming second professional examination."

2021-03-05: From Genoveva, "Pray for my daughter to find a suitable and the right life partner for holy matrimony."

2021-03-04: From Juan Jose, "Pray that I get a job soon."

2021-03-03: From Jennifer, Prayers for my two children, Demetrius and Lakisha who are both look to purchase their first homes. May the Lord bless them accordingly.

2021-03-02: From Jill, "Pray for a friend Dick, who has pneumonia in his left lung and is coughing greatly and struggling to breathe."

2021-03-02: From Amare, "Pray that my mother Lakisha be successful in finding a new safe rental home for our family. She was given until April 3, to find us another house to live in."

2021-03-01: From Rose, "Pray for my daughter's conversion to our faith. She just had a baby and I beg Our Lady to show her the truth of Our church."

2021-02-28: From Mariz Ann, "Fast recovery of my 10 month old baby Raphael. As he now encountering pneumonia."

2021-02-28: From Kelly, requesting prayers for peace of mind, to be happy, to have little worries about the building of his home.

2021-02-27: From Olga, "Please pray that my son, Chris, will stop drinking ."

2021-02-27: Prayer request for the medical need of Bhure.

2021-02-27: From Favia, requesting prayers for his 9 intentions (too long to list on here.)

2021-02-27: From Suzan, "Mother Mary please take care of my marriage, children, mom and family."

2021-02-26: From Marie, requesting prayers for her lengthy personal intentions (too long to list on here.)

2021-02-25: Prayers for Brad's physical and spiritual needs, for his sanctification, that Jesus, through Mary, deliver him from his sinful behaviour that is harming those around him.

2021-02-25: From Krisztina, please pray for me, for my physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. I am losing hope, my faith is failing. Separation from God is killing my spiritual life. Mother Mary, help me!

2021-02-25: From Arul, "Pray for my wife Beryl who is suffering from a lung disease causing "shortness of breath". She has to use the inhaler to get out of this condition."

2021-02-24: From Rayan, requesting prayers to heal a broken relationship if it be God's Will, resulting in matrimony.

2021-02-23: From Alex, "Pray for my mother who was kidnapped in Democratic Republic of Congo on September 11. We do not know if she was killed or not."

2021-02-23: From Amare, "Pray for my family, Ronnie, Jordan and myself, that we will all pass to the next grade. Keep us all safe during these trouble times."

2021-02-23: From Igidia, "Please pray for my immigration papers and the others who are waiting for their papers."

2021-02-23: From Marie, "Prayers her special intentions."

2021-02-23: From Alex, for his lengthy personal intentions (too long to list on here.)

2021-02-23: From Paddy, prayers for a newewal of friendship with Evelyn. And for her sister Aggie who has lung cancer that needs curing.

2021-02-22: From Modester, asking prayers that God forgive his sins.

2021-02-20: From Doug, "Please pray for my friend Tim that he will be cured of lung cancer."

2021-02-20: From Rosanna, "Pray that my daughter's delivery goes safely for her and the baby, that her baby is born healthy, that my daughter learns to become a loving and holy mother. Renew her faith."

2021-02-19: From Jovita, "May will show me mercy by blessing my unborn child with AA genotype and also to Change every S in my Son's genotype to A."

2021-02-19: Jennifer is asking for prayers that the central unit system be replaced within a reasonable price, far less than quoted by the insurance company.

2021-02-19: From Allan, seeking prayers related to work and his relationship.

2021-02-19: From Vanessa, seeking prayers related to work and her relationship.

2021-02-19: From Rochelle, asking prayers related to her successful education and migration to Australia.

2021-02-19: From Margaret, "Please pray for me. I need a financial breakthrough."

2021-02-18: Ann is asking for prayers for protection against spiritual attacks associated with past occult involvement.

2021-02-17: From Rita, "Pray for my brother Ignetu so that he will recover his eyesight. Also for God's protection over my family."

2021-02-16: From Rose, prayers for help to overcome eating sugar during these 40 days of Lent.

2021-02-15: From Claire, for "Strength for the loss of my husband of 50 years. I have days where it’s hard to be motivated."

2021-02-14: From Leo, asking for prayers for Jesus to take control of his life to continue to overcome a past gambling addiction.

2021-02-13: From Ruby, prayers that I might see the Will of God in my future as far as a relationship is concerned, such leading to a happy marriage. May I have the strength to accept God's Will on this matter.

2021-02-12: From Peter, "Please pray for our son who was taken to a witchdoctor by his mother-in-law and he changed completely. We have lost the boy. Only prayers can save him."

2021-02-11: From Celeste, "Please pray that Doug has a full recovery from pneumonia & the mass on his lung. Thank You."

2021-02-11: From Celestial, "Deliverance from spiritual oppressions, anxiety and depression and physical healing."

2021-02-09: "Prayers that a legal matter will be resolved very soon. Closure."

2021-02-09: From Susan, "Please pray for me. I am sad and afraid every day."

2021-02-08: From Melania, "Prayers for Amanda, as she will be going for her lung test on 10th February 2021. Prayers for complete healing."

2021-02-07: From Ayanna, "From Trinidad, my prayer request is for me to find a loving and faithful husband who will be a good father figure to my son and who I can grow in faith with."

2021-02-06: From Jennifer, "Pray for the replacement of my home air conditioning system. Also the driveway replaced. And that my vehicle will continue to operate until God blesses me with a better one."

2021-02-06: From Amare, "Pray for my Grade III brother Ronnie to become more knowledgeable in the online classes. May all the US students soon return to in-person learly safely."

2021-02-06: From Janine, "Please heal my family."

2021-02-06: Frin Anne, please pray for her many submitted needs. (Long details ommitted)

2021-02-06: From Thomas: "Please pray for my medical needs. (Long details omitted)

2021-02-25: From Laura, "Pray that I listen to God and do His will."

2021-02-04: From Teresa, "Pray for our son 60 years old Orlando who has memory problems after a stroke last year. And he needs prayers for the healing of the family problems."

2021-02-04: From Ourania, "Please pray for my father to come out of hospital safe and healthy asap. May he received excellent care in the Name of Jesus."

2021-02-02: From anonymous, pray for intentions. (When no name is provided, details are ommitted.)

2021-02-02:From Carmela, "Pray for my dad, Modestino, diagnosed with a brain tumour. May this tumour shrink so that he may resume to some of his normal activities."

2021-02-01: From Joseph, "Pray for my wife. She hurts all the time with arthritis, fibromyalgia, in her muscles and joints. She also stayed with headache every day."

2021-01-31: From Igidia, "For the full recovery of my brother Benson from depression, he be able to continue with study and for my family and their intentions."

2021-01-29: From Zabdi, "Please pray for health and protection for myself and my family, for all my petitions!

2021-01-29: From Juanita, "Pray for the restoration of my health and solution to my financial problems."

2021-01-26: From Joseph, prayers "For my wife Diane who has high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, headache, eye problems and arms hurting. Also prayers for her mother who has problems swallowing."

2021-01-26: From Vanessa, "Special intentions of Mez, Ian, Oriana and Ranvir."

2021-01-25: From Jenny, requesting prayers for a speedy approval of the homeowner insurance damage claim.

2021-01-25: From Norbert, pray for my son to overcome his bad habits and be productive in new job.

2021-01-22: From Amare, "Pray for my younger brother Ronnie who is having a hard time with math and reading this year."

2021-01-21: From Olinda, requesting prayers for the family, spiritual protection against evil, employment, good health, justice in legal matters, and improved educational results.

2021-01-17: From Sean, "Pray for Sean's healing during his treatment for brain cancer. Pray that the immunotherapy will heal him."

2021-01-17: From Guilhermina, "Please pray for the healing of Mayobelle and her baby Zielle and husband Zeon from the Coronavirus. Also heal all of us from the virus."

2021-01-17: From Caroline, "I am requesting prayers for my friend Lewis, for God to open doors for him to get a job. He has suffered enough."

2021-01-17: From Phil, requesting prayers for physical and spiritual needs of his mother Lorraine, his Uncle Steve and Aunt Jackie.

2021-01-13: From Barbara, "Help me find the funds I have been saving for a "Rainy Day". It was either misplaced or lost/stolen."

2021-01-13: From Evelia, "Please pray for my brother Dr. Phil due to covid. His lungs don't function and he has a severe infection. Please pray for his son, Aaron and our brother Dr. Fred for strength and wisdom."

2021-01-13: From Mark, "Lonely feelings. I would like to be a vibrant Catholic but I struggle."

2021-01-11: From Jean, prayers for her long list of personal intentions.

2021-01-11: From Nora, Pray for my family."

2021-01-11: From Maria Ana, "Economic crises. Grace Of humility. Grace Of truthfulness."

2021-01-10: From Juraj, "I'm begging for our son Timur's recovery. He's going to have a bone marrow transplant tomorrow. I'm begging for his healing."

2021-01-10: From Mercedes, please pray for the medical needs of my family and myself.

2021-01-07: From Nathalie, in accordance with God's Will, "to get back with my ex boyfriend Carl as a stronger couple."

2021-01-07: From Gillian, please pray for our son Dominic that he will start to walk again after all theses yrs. And healing of his weak bladder. Prayers for myself to overcome all my fears phobias and anxieties.

2021-01-07: From Eileen, "I ask that you pray for my Son Sean who has been estranged for 8 years, that he comes back into my life."

2021-01-06: From Michelle, prayers for the gift of children to Maria, Reenie, Trella, Sapna, Teresa, Angel, Pauline, Sophia, Jesse, Lilly, Archana and Sparshitha.

2021-01-06: From Anne, requesting prayers for personal intentions.

2021-01-05: From Rosa, asking prayers from the healing of my kidney and other medical conditions. Surgery is scheduled for Jan. 11 th. May it be successful.

2021-01-05: From Michelle, "Prayer for a Gift of Children."

2021-01-04: From Nimmy, "Recovery of health issues of Shiril L. and his fatty Liver disease."

2021-01-04: From Leila, "Reconciliation with my ex, Konrad. I really believe we can build a family together."

2021-01-04: From Danielle, please pray for her father who is going through Covid-19 over and above having to endure siatic nerve andower back pain. And pray for the family members who are affected by this situation.

2020-01-03: From Velangini, "Please pray for my husband to get a good job in Visakhapatnam, for our family to live together and for our financial crisis."

2020-01-03: From Catherine, for her personal needs since her mother passed away on December 8th, that she find someone who is able to help her in her present needs.

2020-01-02: From Vijay, "Bring my mom back."

2020-01-02: From Raji, pray for my cousin Florence who is undergoing surgery for her aortic valve and for the poor circulation of her Right leg. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for my husband Joseph who is improving after his carotid artery surgery.

2020-01-02: From Ama, asking the Holy Mother to accept the souls of her babies.

2020-12-31: From Igidia, "Healing of Benson from depression."

2020-12-30: From Uchefuna, for all of his personal intentions.

2020-12-30: From Marie, "Please pray for I can find peace. My husband had 2 stroke and have breathing problem, he refused to wear mask and he has a gambling habit, he goes to gamble come home late, which worry me a lot."

2020-12-29: From Donna, "For the healing of my cat's eye."

2020-12-29: From Anne, all kinds of prayer intentions, equivalent to a book.

2020-12-29: From Xavier, "For us (???) to get back our disputed property. Repose of souls of Mukesh, Esperansao and Celine."

2020-12-28: From Juraj, "I ask for a prayer for the healing of our son Timur and Uncle Louis from severe illness."

2020-12-28: From Igidia, "For healing."

2020-12-26: From Timothy, "Pray for Tim & Crisara to be safe, protected and Love Forever." 2020-12-25: From Holene, "Healing prayer for Jose."

2020-12-24: From Suby, "Please pray for my family to be guided in evangelisation."

2020-12-24: From Maria, please pray "that I am cured from the cancer."

2020-12-24: Marguerite is asking prayers for intentions that are too long to list on here.

2020-12-22: From Mary, "Please pray for my husband Dale for good results from biopsies he is having today."

2020-12-21: From Rebecca, that the Divine Will be implemented in my life according to the Commandments.

2020-12-21: From Dorothy, that I recover the money I lost yesterday and I find a job.

2020-12-20: From Laurentiu, requesting prayers related to his trip.

2020-12-20: From Sylvia, asking for prayers to recover her stolen pet.

2020-12-19: From Patricia, please pray for a good friend Nelky who is battling covid pneumonia. Her lung collapsed late last night. She is now on a ventilator.

2020-12-18: From Jenny, I pray for peace of mind in the home environment, an end to the stress being created by a disrespectful neighbor who parks illegally, blocking the entrance to my driveway. Heavenly father I ask for your help.

2020-12-18: From Veronica, "For God to grant me my heart's desires. Provision of job for my husband."

2020-12-17: From Joseph, "Please pray for me for happiness. I really need this right now."

2020-12-17: From Jennifer, Please pray so that my eyes can be healed. (I'm legally blind in one eye.) And for a new job where my boss/manager doesn't call people sexy on their first day at work.

2020-12-16: From Anne, "Please pray for me and if it be God's holy will please ask for healing of my lung and kidney."

2020-12-13: From Elizabeth, "Heal my marriage so that my husband won't want to divorce me."

2020-12-13: From Susan, requesting prayers for my family, for physical and spiritual healing, that my family gets back to God's feet.

2020-12-12: From Anna, "Requesting prayers for my husband and I? I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. I have pcos and he also may have some issues."

2020-12-11: From Ekibor, praying to be blessed with healthy fruit of the womb, and I thank God for the life of my son Michael and his genotype.

2020-12-11: From Sharoon, prayers regarding a legal matter and healing from very bad mental issues.

2020-12-11: From Joan, "Healing for my brother, David and full recovery from Covid."

2020-12-11: From Christine, prayers for financial, medical and work environment improvement.

2020-12-09: From Sarla, "Please pray for me. I am suffering from severe vertigo and diabetes."

2020-12-08: From Joseph, for a Catholic Church revival of the devotion to the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

2020-12-08: From Lusanda, 38, for protection and salvation from evil forces that originated from Satan.

2020-12-06: From Starr, "Please pray for my father Ramon. He has a cardio pulmonary disease and finds discomfort on his stomach which makes breathing difficult.

2020-12-04: From Mary, "Please pray for Peace in our Country. And for those suffering with the Covid."

2020-12-04: From Alfred, "For the conversion of Eric. I pray that the light of Christ shine brightly in his soul."

2020-12-04: From Prasad, "Please pray for me for financial advancement, appeasement of enemies, blessing for my boss and improvement of my career prospects."

2020-12-03: From Anne, "To help those suffering from Alzheimers, especially brothers John and Andy Belford and their loving care givers."

2020-12-02: From Dolores, for her husband Terry who is disabled, that his walking may improve.

2020-12-02: From Adela, for personal intentions.

2020-12-02: From Carmel, prayer for my children and grandchildren, all their spiritual and worldly needs, that they entertain good company, appreciate and live their Catholic faith so the Lord may bless them at all time.

2020-12-01: From Flora, "Prayer to conceive a child and my family's welfare. Thanks."

2020-11-30: From Malcolm, "Pray for no divorce from wife."

2020-11-30: From Anna, "Pray for me to never give up on seeking God's wisdom and find a Christian husband."

2020-11-30: From Violeta, "For an End to the pandemic. For the repose soul of Eduardo Ramirez Orozco."

2020-11-28: From Marie, thank you to Jesus, Mary and everyone's prayers, including during Holy Mass, for the successful carotid artery surgery of my husband Joseph.

2020-11-28: From Loreta, to get a job and be reunited with her daughter.

2020-11-28: From Christine, prayers for her husband Ben to be healed from enlarged prostate; her dad Clement in a wheelchair, to walk; for her son to stop taking drugs; and for improvement in her job environment that is difficult.

2020-11-28: From Katie, seeking prayers regarding career discernment, either to work in a sinful environment of damnation or to trust in Divine Providence in Jesus through Mary to provide a new career that leads to eternal bliss.

2020-11-26: From Sandra, please pray that my friend Brian heals from his surgery and have no cancer left in his body.

2020-11-26: From Kershi, "Oh God, please cure the pain in my back and in my legs and help me to walk properly. Thanks."

2020-11-25: From Zachary, "If it is God's will, please pray for the restoration of my relationship which has left me heartbroken."

2020-11-24: From Mary, requesting prayers for deliverance. [Note: Vague prayer request. Deliverance is a meaningless broad term that can mean being freed from any problem of a spiritual nature or cause.]

2020-11-23: Rompicherla Gajapathi says, "I am suffering from teeth health problem and financial problems. please heal and cure my illness."

2020-11-22: From Maniela, "Deliverance and Liberation for Calvin."

2020-11-22: From Reena, requesting prayers for her husband Henry, unemployed for 2 years, seeking employment in the same field with a good salary and position.

2020-11-22: From Monisha, requesting prayers for her unble Jacob who was involved in a bike accident. He underwent brain and face surgeries. Presently in ICU, he also is suffering from lung infection and fever. Please pray to God for a complete recovery.

2020-11-21: From Gerri, prayers that the transition to a new house will go smoothly.

2020-11-20: From Geoffrey, prayers for business success to pay off loan.

2020-11-20: From Sid in Alabama, prayers for Health and protection for Kay, Hip bursitis for Sid, Ken's return to Christian faith, Dean's Parkinsons Disease.

2020-11-20: From Maria, for kidney stones infection and pain on left side of throat. Dr appt on Nov 25th. Pray that it is not cancerous, as I am a thyroid patient.

2020-11-18: From Albert, "Please pray for the souls of Jack and Albert."

2020-11-18: From Christine, pray for improvement in the relationship between my daughter and I, and that she seek help re: mental health.

2020-11-16: From John, "Please pray for the conversion and cure of my great friend Norm."

2020-11-15: From Jay, "Pray for Joel and Cesar, they are sick and struggling financially, they are barely making ends meet."

2020-11-15: From Mary, Pray for "my daughter who suffered a stroke, recovered, takes time for herself and her health."

2020-11-15: From Aurelio, "We are praying for a child. My daughter is married and has not yet conceived. Please pray that she may conceive."

2020-11-15: From Perp, requesting prayers for financial needs, and for health for he and his brother in their retirement years.

2020-11-14: From Sooraj, "Please heal me completely from oral cancer. Under treatment in Canada. Thank you lord for all the blessings."

2020-11-13: From Susan, "God please bring back my husband to me."

2020-11-13: From Trella, "Prayer for Child."

2020-11-12: From Joseph, "Please pray for me to get normal blood result."

2020-11-12: From Nellyna, I have breast cancer with metastasis in the bones and my husband passed away two years ago. Please pray for me and my children Katherine, Daniel and Gabriel Christiansen.

2020-11-12: From Olerum, asking prayers for a lengthy list of spiritual and worldly needs for his family and himself.

2020-11-11: Rose is in need of prayers for peace of mind at work in the UK, that her work be appreciated by the management.

2020-11-11: Flona is in need of prayers for a good job and good heath, and blessings for her mom, dad and brother.

2020-11-09: Lucy asks for prayers that the Holy Spirit bestow peace, joy, love, hope and unity in her family, especially for Jojo.

2020-11-09: Maria asks prayers for her Jakub, that he is freed from addiction on alcohol, and from all other bad addictions and habits.

2020-11-09: Gladys needs prayers for the Comenity Bank remove the interest charges that they have added to her account that have already been paid off.

2020-11-09: Joseph is going for his carotid artery surgery in four weeks time. Please pray that he will have a safe surgery and come back home safe.

2020-11-08: Asking for prayers for Sean to persevere in the rehabilitation program's addiction program, followed by total physical and spiritual healing of his soul for the rest of his life.

2020-11-08: From Ssenyonjo, asking for prayers so God will give him the knowledge and resources to plant and care for his tomato garden so it may be a blessing to him and the neighborhood.

2020-11-07: From Patricia, seeking prayers for improved communications with Sam that happiness and peace may reign between them according to the Divine Will.

2020-11-07: From Emmanuel, seeking prayers that God will grant him good health, protect his job and that his company pay all his salary arrears.

2020-11-07: From Margaret, asking for prayers for the healing & conversion for Donald John Trump, 74. He needs help with the country of the United States.

2020-11-07: From Dena-Antoinette, asking prayers for miscellaneous intentions related to financial needs.

2020-11-06: From Juraj, please pray for our 6 year old son Timur from an incurable disease. On Wednesday we go to Jerusalem for a bone marrow transplant.

2020-11-05: From Raju, prayers for wisdom and knowledge.

2020-11-05: From Anne, prayers for healing from breast cancer.

2020-11-02: From Bindhy, please pray for my daughter's loneliness as she is staying alone in a flat for the past six months in Bangalore.

2020-11-02: From Gemma, wanting a house for her family. Asking a healthy, happy and abundant old age for her brothers and sisters.

2020-11-02: From Humali, prayer for the souls.

2020-11-02: From Tresha, requesting prayers for medical needs, immigrating to Australia and improvement in her friendship/relationship.

2020-11-01: From Annemarie, prayers that her depression will soon be lifted and she can return to her faith & for her son to rip.

2020-10-31: Tessie ask prayer "that my right arm be return to normal."

2020-10-31: Jacobo requests prayers for Ivan and Chyna for the spiritual needs after meddling in the ocult.

2020-10-30: Catherine is asking for prayers for all the miscellaneous needs of family members, friends and others.

2020-10-29: From Swetha, requesting prayers to pass his aptitude exam.

2020-10-29: From Jean, that her daughter and son-in-law be given the gift of successful follicle development with fertilization resulting in a healthy embryo; so that they can have at least one child of their own.

2020-10-29: From Christine, wanting prayers to soon have the right marriage partner in order to start my family.

2020-10-29: Alison who recently gave her life to Christ seeks prayers for her physical and spiritual needs, especially protection against all evil forces and guidance from Heaven.

2020-10-28: Pattie needs a miracle cure to breathe.

2020-10-28: Joyce needs prayers for Visa stamping to get approved for her husband and her nclexrn exam.

2020-10-27: Srinithya request prayers for the healing of prostate problems, hyper tension, hypothyroidism & diabetes.

2020-10-27: Celeste requesting prayers for the success of her business endeavor for seniors.

2020-10-25: From Hrvoje, for her sick mother who is having brain surgery on Tuesday, that all may go well by the grace of God.

2020-10-25: From Mary, for her husband to get a job opportunity at St. Vincent de Paul.

2020-10-24: Kershi, prayers for the cure of back and leg pains in order to walk properly.

2020-10-23: From Marianne, healing of my stage3 her2 positive breast cancer. Be a good steward of my seven children, that they all finish their studies.

2020-10-20: From Jessica, asking for prayers for healing from mental ailment and peace in my family.

2020-10-19: From Anita, need prayers for family good health, spiritual growth and financial blessings and God's guidance and protection as we journey through life.

2020-10-17: Please pray for the family of Shiril, Nimmym Melita and Bennett for peace of mind following a traumatic event.

2020-10-16: From Gary, prayers for the medical needs of his mother, and the spiritual and worldly needs of Morgan, Thomas and himself.

2020-10-16: From Peter, requesting prayers for success in Examination for his wife.

2020-10-14: From anon, requesting prayers for an endless list of general intentions for anybody and everybody.

2020-10-14: From MC, prayers for her daughter Caroline during her past interview.

2020-10-13: From Veronica, need prayers for the medical conditions of her son Patrick and daughter Bridget. And that her boyfriend Drewe convert to the Catholic faith.

2020-10-13: From Margaret, requesting prayers for the healing of her medical conditions, her financial situation and to find a home.

2020-10-13: From Kabani in India, please pray for my son Hithesh to take his laziness away and open a door for him to continue his studies.

2020-10-13: From Vanessa, asking prayers for family blessings, her father's health, the arthritis in her hands and feet, for her son's studies and health and for her property goals.

2020-10-12: From Reeyone, prayers to be granted the approval for a joint mortgage loan with her mother.

2020-10-12: From Rola, to find a chaste spouse to worship God in the Catholic church.

2020-10-12: From Nelsie, asking for prayers for her son Sean to be successful at his jobs, rebuild his career, be financially secure. And all the other intentions on her endless list.

2020-10-11: From Monyuy, requesting prayers against spiritual attacks.

2020-10-10: From Thereza, kindly pray for the success of my daughter Sharon engineering admission in bits Pilani goa.

2020-10-09:From Lakisha, asking for prayers for a favourable outcome in a legal matter.

2020-10-09: From Angela, I pray for spiritual healing of my grand kids, also physical, emotional, mainly for a clean bill of health.

2020-10-09: From Mrs. Julia D'sa, please pray for my personal needs, those of my husband, of Janice, Jason, Joel, O'Neil, and Oliver.

2020-10-09: From Caroline, I had a lot of foot surgery. I really would like to be able to work.

2020-10-08: From Keesha, asking prayers for God to deliver my family and I from this spiritual warfare in our hom e. We feel like we are in prison. I pray for quick deliverence.

2020-10-08: From Soledad, please pray for Christians in China and for missionaries throughout the world.

2020-10-07: From George, please pray for holy protection and good health and healing for George, Mondelane, Ivy & Keith. Also for good education and the ability to earn income to support the entire family.

2020-10-07: From Peter, please pray for James, 64, that he may be led to the Marian devotion.

2020-10-07: From Sr.Stincy Mary, special prayer for my vocation, my congregation, my family and to find a good house.

2020-10-06: From Kanaka, please pray for my children's marriages, that they involve good Christian spouses, for the return of my properties, illegally taken by relatives and for my family's delivery from all evil forces.

2020-10-06: Drom Donna, please pray for the health of my father-in-law Lester who turns 91 tomorrow.

2020-10-06: From Aldrin, I have a private and confidential prayer request. Please pray for me.

2020-10-06: From Kaidy-Ann, please pray for the success of my newly started business so that I can look after my family.

2020-10-05: From Solaman, please pray for Nahulen who is battling evil spirits.

2020-10-05: From Sr. Chibuzor, pray for my cure of spinal bifida occulta, early lumber spondylosis and bilateral sacroiliitis and any spine issue without surgery.

2020-10-05: From Marvelin, Please pray for my son Marco, that the Lord touch his soul and make a difference in his heart, his emotions, to love school and reading.

2020-10-04: From May, please pray for the healing of my brother Marvin from the complication & the swelling resulting from his brain surgery. May his medication work and make him feel better soon.

2020-10-02: From Graham from the United Kingdom, requesting prayers for a multitude of needs.

2020-10-01: From 33 years old Joy, "Please pray that I get a job, for my marriage, and to get rid of stage fright and exam tensions."

2020-10-01: From Joyce, "Heal my heart and Grif’s heart."

2020-10-01: From Sid in Alabama, "Please pray that I may be healed of acute hip bursitis right side due to a fall."

2020-09-30: John Jacob ask for God's blessing that he and Kaimeena be joined in matrimony with God's grace.

2020-09-28: From Br. Alexander, prayers that he may always, joyfully, be faithful to the Will of the Lord no matter the circumstances. Also that he will become and remain a good, holy, and faithful priest once ordained in October, 2022.

2020-09-27: From Kay, Please pray for my friend's daughter who has a drug addiction, and for my son, that his mortgage be granted.

2020-09-27: John is asking prayers for the physical and spiritual needs of Chacko, Lucy, Gracy and himself.

2020-09-26: From Alfred, please pray for the conversion and salvation of Eric M.

2020-09-26: From Marie, requesting prayers for good health for my husband Joseph, a job for my son, for my grand-daughter faith to be a child of God.

2020-09-23: From Jennifer, pray for the safety of my daughter and her children who are away from home. She is on her job as a bus driver. She is having difficulty with co-workers who seek to do her wrong.

2020-09-22: From Mary, please pray for my daughter Sophia, a single woman, who is nearly homeless, in desperate need of a job.

2020-09-22: From Zep, please pray for Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Clemen, Pancho, and Moises.

2020-09-21: From Gerard, please pray for my mother, Angela, 79, to return to practicing her Catholic faith. And for my friend, Avril, 52, single, a psychiatric nurse.

2020-09-21: From Gerard, 60 yrs old, single, daily communicant, from Sydney, Australia, please pray for the speedy and complete healing of my diabetes, of my schizophrenia and of my acquired brain injury, and also for long-term security of tenure in my current supported accommodation with the Independent Community Living Association.

2020-09-21: From Amare, pray for mental health and help me to make better choices in my life. Also pray for my mother Lakisha, for success in her job and personal life. Protect both of us from all harm.

2020-09-21: From Movee, please pray for me to get admission into dental school in USA and for my husband who is jobless, to get a more secure job.

2020-09-17: From Girley, pray for our elder son to have Faith in Jesus to baptize his son James.

2020-09-15: Rafael is requesting prayers for her single-parent mother Richelda to overcome anger and feelings of revenge to her worldly enemies, and that she may get a firm job for family financial security in order that debts may be paid.

2020-09-15: Clark is asking prayers for spiritual clarity in his life, peace, clear direction from the Holy Spirit, and the door that God opens to be made clear.

2020-09-15: From Gertrude, please pray for work harmony, forgiveness, job security and peace among all.

2020-09-14: From Kelly, please pray that I may soon move to a home of my choice where I can love and support my family and community.

2020-09-14: From Tim, please pray that I will soon find a house that I like.

2020-09-13: From Frederica, pray that I be able to conceive and let it be for the glory of God.

2020-09-11: Nassanga is praying for a man who has the qualities of her choice so she may have a fruitful marriage. Also prayers for a financial breakthrough.

2020-09-10: Angel asks for prayers for protection from her enemies in her domestic endeavors and business endeavors.

2020-09-09: Need assistance in this trying moment, that all my needs be provided according to His riches. Moses.

2020-09-09: I need the IRS to send me my stimulus check. Shereese.

2020-09-08: Cynthia is asking prayers for her financial needs, God's blessings and protection upon her family.

2020-09-08: From Deepa, she asks for prayers that her daughter Mekhila will return to live at home with her mother and sister. The family is separated.

2020-09-07: From anonymous, for J. to come out of his habitual sins and to study.

2020-09-07: From Mariam, for the long wording of her few petitions that needed to be shortened.

2020-09-07: From Eileen, that her son K. will be able to overcome his addiction.

2020-09-05: From Manoj, she is in need of a residence and a job.

2020-09-05: From Darlene, that the three mentioned persons be sanctified by Christ. And prayers for their safety and mental health.

2020-09-04: From Ma. Imelda Buzon, she is asking for prayers for strong faith in Jesus, that she will soon be blessed with the right employer and employment, that her financial needs be resolved. And for her condo matter be resolved.

2020-09-04: From Hazel, requesting prayers for the individual needs of all her children and those of a friend of her daughter.

2020-09-04: From Baltazar, prayers for a respectable job in the clerical position of my or any other company in UK. And for good health and protection of his Dad, his wife, his two son's and himself.

2020-09-03: From Moses, for financial breakthrough, buyer for my land and good transparent doors for my life.

2020-09-03: From Nthabeleng, husband's promotion to a managerial position, success in my investment journey, and scholarship to further my studies to the Master's level.

2020-09-02: Sujitha requesting prayers for his family and friends and their various personal needs.

2020-08-31: From Chebet, asking prayers for a number of intentions, too long to list here.

2020-08-29: From Christeta, financial needs prayers for the approval of my unemployment benefit and car insurance.

2020-08-28: From Jennifer, for 8 yrs old Ronnie who is seeking answers after the lost of his father. May he find the peace that he seeks, through Christ our Lord.

2020-08-28: From Amare, seeking prayers for all those who are promoting an end to discrimination of people based on their color.

2020-08-27: Kenni is in need of prayers for the healing of his granddaughter.

2020-08-26: From Justine, for my daughter Namukwaya who needs healing from sickle cell disease and its complications. And to be admitted at Agha kha University with a scholarship.

2020-08-26: From Anne, that God's Will be done regarding my association with Jonathan.

2020-08-26: From Anthony, prayers for a family member who is having psychological problems, that she finds peace and love Jesus.

2020-08-25: From Maribel, for guidance on September 3rd during my nursing program Exam.

2020-08-25: From Sony, for family Divine protection against all forms of illness and accidents.

2020-08-25: From Tatenda, prayers for family protection against all forms of evil.

2020-08-24: From Ghy, thank you for favor obtained. Need prayers for my son's education, my success in starting up a business, and good health for my children.

2020-08-23: From Rosemary, prayers for forgiveness of sin and for the fruit of the womb. (Note: Forgiveness of sin is obtained through the Sacrament of Confession.)

2020-08-23: From Maria, dear Father, my husband and I have never been able to conceive after my miscarriage. Please pray that we will conceive a healthy baby soon. May we praise the wonders of the Lord in our life always. Amen.

2020-08-22: From Dj, prayers for my marriage that is falling apart. Bless my children.

2020-08-22: Tonia asks prayers for illumination of conscience, contrite Holy Confession, deliverance and protection and God's provision, healing. Family help... break any curses around her, her spouse and family.

2020-08-22: From Margaret, please pray for me to start a new chapter in life. I am not at peace because the kids have been exposed to unhealthy fatherly abusive behaviours.

2020-08-22: From Judith Ann, please pray for the healing of Mary Ann's brain from aneurysm/surgery, strokes. Terrible headaches. For the conversion back to the Catholic Faith by some family members.

2020-08-21: From Susan, prayers for the many needs of her family and personal needs, both worldly and spiritual.

2020-08-20: Audrey needs prayers to conceive a baby, wishes to get pregnant.

2020-08-20: Teresa asks for prayers to find her hearing aids that she misplaced in her bedroom.

2020-08-19: Betty asks for prayers, that her son Andi may have a house to live in.

2020-08-19: Cathy is asking prayers for a long list of intentions, too long to mention here.

2020-08-19: De is asking prayers for a long list of intentions, too long to mention here, excluding the false belief mentioned.

2020-08-18: Maureen needs prayers so her daughter Tsian will have a good job.

2020-08-16: Arminda needs prayers for her family to be provided with a house as they do not have a shelter where they can stay.

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